Countering Сards in Blackjack

Today, blackjack is the most common game in Australia and continues to gain popularity. Since the appearance of this game, every player has dreamed of learning how to succeed in it regularly. Statistics have shown that one of the best tactics is counting cards blackjack. If the player is good at math and acts according to a strict plan, this method can allow the player not only to avoid losing all his money but also significantly increase his capital. This article will show you in detail how to count cards in blackjack and you could put strategy into practice.

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What is Card Counting in Blackjack?

If a player knew which card would be dealt next, he could easily build a winning blackjack strategy and bet more money. It is impossible to know the next card for sure, but it is possible to estimate its probability. To do this, you need to remember which cards have already come out of the deck and, accordingly, which are left. This is called blackjack card counting.

For example, it is known that if there are more high value cards left in the deck than low value, then the player has an advantage. Because it is the high nominal cards that increase the probability of getting blackjack, raise the chances of successful doubling, and give you more opportunities to split. So if you, watching the game and counting cards blackjack, see such a situation, you can safely enter the blackjack online free game.

How to Count Cards in Blackjack?

As mentioned earlier, you will need a good memory and some math to successfully apply the card counting blackjack technique. From a player’s point of view, each card left in the game is some kind of indicator of usefulness or unwholesomeness. Therefore, in order to be able to determine this indicator and understand how to count cards in blackjack, it is worth considering the Hi-Lo system.

This strategy was invented back in the 18th century and has been in demand among gamblers ever since. In addition, it’s now the most popular card counting online blackjack tactic, as it is one of the easiest and clearest even for a beginner.

Assign A Value To Every Card

For proper counting, every card must be divided into specific groups. Each of them implies a certain number of points. In practice, this is as follows:

  • Small cards (from 2 to 6) = +1
  • Medium cards (from 7 to 9) = 0
  • High cards (from 10 to A) = -1

It is very important for the player to constantly count the cards and keep a close eye on all changes in the game, whether you got cards or the dealer, whether you won or lost the game. The cost of a mistake is very high, so you should miss even one card and it can lead to an incorrect score and become a reason for a losing streak.

The Running Count

Let’s simulate a situation that might happen during a game. Below is an example of how to subtract and add each card and what to do with that data.

  • Croupier: 2 (+1); 3 (+1).
  • You: Jack (-1); King (-1).
  • Other player: Queen (-1); 8 (0).

As a result, if you add up the values of these cards will equal -1. Then, the gambler still must keep a tally and account for the amount that came out in the following games. After some time, it will be seen that the score has become significantly negative or positive. In the first case, it means that there are more low cards left, which is not very profitable for us. In the second case, it is just the opposite, and so we can seize the moment for a lucrative game!

Calculate A “True Count” Or Count Per Deck

Since it is impossible to determine whether a player is counting cards blackjack or not, there are no restrictions on this strategy. To make it as difficult as possible, the casino started using more decks in the game and mixing them more often. But even this has not become a hindrance.

For example, during a game, a score of +2 with 4 decks is far from accurate. To calculate the true score at any time during the game, you must divide the current score by the number of remaining decks. In this case, there are only 0.5 high cards per deck, so it’s not all that clear and positive. After all, all that makes sense to us is the concentration of high cards compared to the concentration of low.

Change Your Bets As The True Count Rises And Falls

Lastly, it’s worth noting that just knowing how to count cards in blackjack is not enough, you need to apply this information correctly as well. Without making adjustments to your game as the score changes, you’ll just be stomping around in the same place. A gambler must learn and get into the habit of increasing his bets when the true count rises. But in the case of a negative score, you should consider lowering your bets or refraining from participation in the game altogether. To give you an example, it looks like this:

  • count less than +2: minimum wager
  • count is +2: Bet can be increased by one and a half or twice for the next game
  • count is +3 or + 4: the player should consider increasing his stake three or four times for the next hand.

Advanced Blackjack Card Counting Strategies

Omega II System

Omega II is one of the most primitive card counting blackjack strategies rarely used by experienced players. It is a tiered method according to which cards 7, 2, and 3 are scored +1, and cards 4 through 6 are designated +2. A 9 is equal to -1, and 10 and all face cards are evaluated at -2 points.  Aces and eights count as 0.

Wong Halves System

But this method, on the contrary, is considered to be almost the most difficult and difficult to understand for the same beginners, accordingly, it is mainly used by professionals.

Here 5 is evaluated as +1,5 points, cards from 3 to 6 are +1, 2, and 7 are +0,5, 8 = 0, but 9 = -0,5. But 10, J, Q, K, A, oddly enough, are evaluated at -1 point. I think you can see from the scores alone how easy it is to get confused here. However, compared to the other strategies, this one is as accurate as possible.

Basic Blackjack Card Counting Tips

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that the formula for success in blackjack consists of several components.

  • Understand the Hi-Lo strategy
    The beginning of the way to win lies precisely through this strategy. Do not underestimate it, because it is both effective and easy to understand.
  • Remember the values of every card
    This is a basic requirement. After all, without memorizing the values of cards, you can not properly keep count, and consequently, you will not be able to increase your advantage over the casino.
  • Raise the stakes when the score goes in a positive way
    This is also very important to do because increasing the bets can substantially raise your capital.
  • Practice
    Before you sit down at the table and start playing for real money with the prospect of winning, it is better to first bring your counting skills to perfection.
  • Don’t forget to divide
    In order not to make mistakes in calculations, the gambler should always remember the formula for getting the true count.

Is blackjack card counting legal?

The strategy is to mathematically count cards. Nothing illegal or unlawful it does not imply, only mathematics and statistics. Mastering the tactic increases the chance of winning over the online black jack for money and it is your business to count cards or not. On the other hand, the casino may not like it, but they have no right to prohibit you from using this strategy. Besides, since all the calculations take place in the player's head, the casino will not be able to prove it.


Blackjack card counting strategy is evolving every day. Just take into account how many types of this technique exist. This is not surprising, all the techniques it is counting cards is the most effective strategy. If done correctly, any patient gambler can get a house advantage of 1.5%. So if you want to not just play, but also make money, then this tactic is perfect for you!

FAQ: Blackjack Card Counting

Hi-Lo is the most popular. The explanation is simple: it is easy to understand, uncluttered, and accurate at the same time.
It all depends on the current count. If it's positive, you can raise stakes, and if it's negative, it's better to reinsure and play more carefully. Proper bankroll management is the main key to success.
Single deck blackjack is the easiest to play with since you don't have to divide by anything. All the gambler has to do in this case is memorize all the card values and try not to make a mistake.
In this case, the player will have a little more difficulty. The gambler must divide the current score by the number of decks to calculate the true count at the moment.
Yes, because it's all legal. However, the casino may not like it, so it should be done quietly and carefully without unnecessary disclosure.